Welcome to Merseyside Black History Month


I apologise for the delay is publishing our plans for this year. This is partly due to the difficulties in raising the necessary finances for this year’s activities.

I am pleased to say that we have now been able to raise enough funds to run the Cultural Food Feast which will also include a roll of honour acknowledging some contributions made to our community.

The Achievers Awards ceremony unfortunately will not be held this year, but I promise you a really good time at the Food Feast which has now been fixed for Saturday 25th October at the Palm House.

This has been a difficult year, but we are determined that Black History Month Celebrations must continue. We see a massive role for MBHMG and we are determined to use this year to develop our work, get more people involved so that we can better serve the whole of the community.

Please take a look at the Calendar of events which is now being continuously updated with some fantastic events in October. Please let us all support these events.

We hope you will continue to support the ethos behind the development of Black History Month activities, but remember that Black History, is not constrained to October.

Clint Agard